Soapstone Powder / Talc Powder / Talcum Powder

Established in 1999 we are Manufactures of Talc powder at Udaipur Rajasthan in Western India. We have grinding capacity of 1500 MT per month of Quality Talc powder especially for Filler compounding and Master batch application. Our grades are most cost effective.

Our Talc powder grades are having brightness up to 99.5% and Calcium contains as low as 0.5%. Our Talc powder Grades are micronized and bulk density between 0.4 to 0.45

Our grades of Talc powder are most suitable for polymer compounding, especially for HM, Carry bags, Raffia, Lamination and molding furniture application. Our Talc powder grades are having excellent Transparency and it can be load up to 84% with polymer. Talc filled compounds made with our talc powder can be mix up to 60% with virgin compounds.

Our Talc powder grades used in filler masterbatches are of excellent quality allowing much higher loading compared to conventional filler masterbatches.

Its Applications areas are:

  1. Raffia Tape
  2. PE Carry/Shopping bags
  3. Blow Molding
  4. Injection Molding
  5. Tarpaulin
  6. Strapping

Other use of Talc :

Besides for Plastic application we are manufacturing other grades of Talc powder for following Industries:-

  1. Talc powder for Paint Industries.
  2. Talc powder for cosmetic application.
  3. Talc powder for Agro products as carrier.
  4. Talc powder for Pharma application IP and BP grades without black particles.

The automotive and domestic appliances markets are still the dominating users of talc-filled compounds, but new markets are being developed. Their growth depends partly on the extent to which end-users actively seek alternative materials to PVC and PS. Markets of interest here include profiles, pipes and food packaging. In replacement of PVC for plastic pipes, there is a need to compensate for the lower ring stiffness of polyolefin, but also to reduce undesirable long-term properties of unfilled polypropylene and polyethylene, such as their tendency to creep (deform under long-term strain). Talc is the preferred additive in this application, as it imparts high stiffness, which allows a reduction.

Talc improves output in extrusion and shortens cycle times in thermoforming, due to crystallization and better heat transfer. These benefits make talc compounds very competitive for food packaging, so there is considerable potential in this application.

Specification of Talc powder:

1SiO260% to 64%
2MgO30% to 33%
3LOIbelow 4%
4pH8 to 9
5Brightnessupto 99.5%
6Whitenessupto 100%
7Particle SizeAverage 3 to 5 Microns Mean size

Packing in 25 kg, 50 kg and 800 kg Jumbo bags.