Snow White Dolomite Powder

We are manufacturing snow white grade Dolomite Powder. This exclusive grade is available near Udaipur only. The whiteness of this grade is upto 98%.

The chemical Composition of Dolomite Powder is as under

1CaCO348% to 53%
2MgCO334% to 38%
3Silica4% to 5% (Less silica dolomite is also available)

This dolomite powder is suitable for paints, detergents, plastic compounds and as a filler in plastic re processing.

Burnt Dolomite Powder / Calcined Dolomite

We are also manufacturing burnt dolomite powder. The burnt dolomite powder has the higher percentage of MgO and CaO. The Specification is as under:-

CaO50% to 55%
MgO30% to 35%

Burnt Dolomite Powder: The Burnt dolomite is a result of Calcinations of Natural Dolomite Lumps which contains 50% to 55% MgCO3 and 37% to 40% MgCO3. After burning The calcium oxide contains becomes 50% to 55% and Magnesium Contains 30% to 38%. We have given it name of Dolo Lime powder.

Dolomitic Limestone Calcinations
CaCO3MgCO3 + Heat CaO.MgO + 2CO2