China Clay Powder

China Clay is a Hydrated Aluminum Silicate Widely used in polymer applications, which contributes to the improvement in chemical resistance, electrical properties and reduction in water absorption. It lowers the crack tendency in the finished products, improves shock resistance and surface quality

Micro China Clay is widely used in paints manufacturing and in oil bound distemper manufacturing.

Best quality china clay is available in Rajasthan and some Parts of north Gujarat. The specification of our china clay is as under:-

S.NoSpecification of China Clay Powder
1SiO245% to 48%
2Al2O333% to 39%
3Fe2O3Below 1.5%
4TiO2Below 0.5%
5CaOBelow 1%
6MgOBelow 0.5%
7LOI12% to 14%
8Acid Insoluble97.5%
10B.D.0.5 gm/cc
11Oil absorption39.5 ml/100gm
12Whiteness78% to 85%